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We come TOGETHER to figure out what you need, and a path.
— Nikki Eisenhauer

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Who's a great fit for this work? 

  • The Sensitives who've been Scapegoated, The Used, Abused, The Squashed Spirits 

  • The Adults robbed of childhoods, The Escapers, the Conflict Avoidant

  • The Cravers of Kindness over Niceness, The Self-Shamers and The Judgement Fearers

  • The People Pleasers who 'yes' themselves to exhaustion, The Overthinkers, The Overwhelmed

  • The Survivors of Manipulation, The Observers, The Meaning Makers

  • The Care Takers, The Helpers, The Teachers, The Givers, The Therapists

  • The Spiritually Violated, The Under-Nurtured, The Conditionally loved

  • The Secret Holders and The Trauma Bound, The Assertively Challenged

  • The 'Mold Breakers', The Underdogs, The Outliers, The Scrappy

  • The Programmed by Dysfunctional Families, Military, Corporate America, Religion, Cults

  • The Blocked, The Confused, The Lost

  • The Escapees of Narcissistic or Sociopathic Relationships, The Yearners of Stillness, Slowing, & Quiet

  • The Old Souls with the Big Feelings, The Highly Sensitive and Peaceful Integrity Warriors 

  • The Healers, The Seekers, and The Dreamers


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