How long does change take?

This may be as big a question as 'what is the meaning of life', but one that is asked, frequently. Here is the thing. We are all very similar and very different. So I have to give the annoying non-answer of 'change happens when you enact change.' 

Some people are fast changers, some take their sweet time. Is one better than the other? Depends. If you just show up in session to vent without enacting changes in your life between sessions--longer. If you implement changes so you and I can see what works, what doesn't, what your blocks are, etc. we adjust and move forward more quickly. I believe there are so many life lessons here, lessons to learn about how we each meet change. I feel confident saying that former clients of mine seem to develop a way of flowing with inevitable life change--I help people grow those skills. 

Some things just can't be changed quickly--and some people show up to me to work on lessons in slowing down, managing expectations, being realistic, making doable to-do lists, or changing life long maladaptive patterns of behaving or thinking. 

It's ok to just start. You'll know more once we start. I'll know more. Neither of us can know, until we KNOW. 

So. How long does change take? That depends on you, Sweet Seeker. 


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