How do you stay healthy doing this kind of work?

I take very good care of myself in diet, exercise, getting into nature--I moved to Colorado because I felt my soul called to the mountains. I set limits, and honor them. I work with my own healers in mind, body, and spirit. I say 'no' when I mean no and 'yes' when I mean yes. I have excellent boundaries. I don't take on too much or I let go quickly when I realize it. I adjust. I write. I emote. I spend time and energy on realstionshps that life me up, and move away from energy-sucking relationships. I live in a walkable neighborhood and take mini-walks. I 'practice what I preach' to all HSP's--the coping strategies needed to manage this modern age as a Highly Sensitive Person. Doing my own work on my own time keeps the coach client space fully and healthily 'on the client.'

I do not subscribe to 'professionalism' meaning I mask my humanity from clients--I am imperfect. It is a self care practice to remember that my role is to have high integrity about the truth, not mask my imperfections to appear as an all-knowing expert. I can't teach people about intuition through phoniness! I believe much professional burnout is in subscribing to this flawed belief.  The Human tribe is in deep need of unmasked authenticity--I feel called to be one of the 'unmasked' so that others find compassion for their humanity, and others, too.  

I am deeply grounded in the truth that I am of no help to anyone if I do not take good care of myself, 1st. This is actually why many people seek my services-to learn how to take charge of their own wellness in a world that offers a lot of dysfunctional messaging about what it is to self-care. 

I don't work with everyone who seeks me out. I am under no delusion that I can or should help everyone. I offer kind and loving referrals and explanations if I do not choose to work with someone, and help those people find a better fit. That's how I take care of clients and myself. 

I have done tremendous work to understand and fine tune my intuition. I trust my gut, and make self care choices from that instinct. 

Also, the work is quite beautiful. For as deeply as we feelers can hurt, feel disappointment, or loss, we feel the brightness of the light, the healing 'ah-ha' of breakthrough as quite glorious. So when I say 'I emote', it's safe to say that I cry more happy tears for the breakthrough moments, the moments of 'I'm learning to love myself like I never thought I could,' than I do for the trauma. Even when someone is sharing a horrific trauma, I am filled with a sense of peace--I know that they are releasing and I am proud that something about who I am and what I offer creates a safety to allow such release. 

As corny as it sounds, this work is love. 

Nikki Eisenhauerfaq, healthy