I am the life coach for therapists, healers, seekers, and dreamers.


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Boundaries in Dysfunctional Relationships!

Nikki teaches us how to integrate this growth work from head knowledge to heart-body knowledge, for deep lasting change. Let go of heart-ache anger cycles of wishing people will change to stop emotional exhaustion, and gain more energy to heal & thrive.

91 Actionable Soul Care Strategies

This printable guide is full of 91 actionable activities you can explore at your own pace wherever and whenever you need. This course is included in the “Boundaries in Dysfunctional Relationships”

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Emotional Badass is where Moxie meets Mindful. Join us every week where we learn to love ourselves without apology. Expand and awaken to your higher purpose, be more present and authentic, find strength in spirituality, quiet the monkey mind of modern society with meditation, and connect deeply with yourself and safe others