What's with the pricing? Investments?

Personal development, healing, coaching is an art form. Growing mentally, emotionally, spiritually is about investing in yourself utilizing the expertise, experience, natural gifts, guidance, and care your healer offers. A good match of healer/teacher/guru/coach/therapist and client results in healthier relationship with the self and the world. Let's be real--investments go both ways. You are investing time, money, hope, and work in me and I'm investing my time, hope, expertise and work in you. I invest what I learn-about the world, the human condition, successes, failures, etc. from working with you in other clients, too. It sounds corny, but this work is world changing, person to person. For me, that's spiritual. Investment seems like the right word. In the modern day we exchange money for service. In another life, you'd have probably sought out the Old Medicine Woman in the village and paid me with a chicken or goat milk! 

Keep checking back as a payment plan option is coming, as is course work and workbooks on helpful and insightful topics. I'm actively working to reach as many as I can digitally to spread healing and health at every price-point. Freebies and paid meditations, workbooks, and courses coming soon.

1/3 of my practice is on an extended payment plan program. No room on this program is available through 2017. Thank you for understanding limits. I cannot help everyone (neither can you--so let me know if that's part of why you are reaching out to me because we can work on how to have peace around that truth.)