Why one session at a time? No packages? 50 minute sessions?

I've been doing 50 min healing sessions full time for 1/3 of my lifespan so far--it's how I work best. Most coaches don't have backgrounds as Psychotherapists, so they come from a 'sell a package' model of business vs. each session. I don't believe in needing a big buy-in or commitment to do this work, though deep change takes time and commitment. I don't believe much in 'programs' because I believe you aren't a cookie-cutter human being. 50 min sessions are enough time together without being too much. Part of the lesson for many feelers and seekers is in not over-doing, learning to live peacefully vs. being in fix it or process mode in excess, to build the muscles of taking our feelings out and then to contain them. 50 min acts as our container. Life is a marathon. I believe the current culture of 'more more more/go harder go harder go harder' is flawed for sensitive people.  This work is intimate and gets to your core issues, so the healing 'sticks' long term. That's what I coach. The program is you and me during our scheduled time together; you go live your life utilizing tools, strategies, new knowledge, etc. I don't do 'sales', no 'pitches', no high-pressure multiple emails, no flashy last chance sales, no big or empty promises. I offer my services simply, plainly, and with sincerity. I might offer gift cards in the future, at a discount through a newsletter during the holidays, or share when I'm not fully booked, etc. Take a little at a time; do as much or as little work as you decide.