Why Virtual or phone coaching sessions?

It just works for modern day. Clients? Ya'll are busy. Save time, energy, gas, driving, avoid the energy suck of managing traffic, juggling commitments and logistics. Instead, have a session from your office, car, park, or favorite quiet space at home. PJ's work, too, and pets love sessions. For me? I move and travel a lot, love working from home, and for myself. I can work while traveling, teaching workshops, to reach more people and live more dreams. I think feelers are surprised how much sessions feel like physically being in the same space. Only downside seems to be in the hug department. Upside? Super-charged hugs in person. Visit Denver and we may meet and hike, or meet in a park for a walking session, or at a small shop for tea, or connecting in real life, at a workshop or event we attend.