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Intuitive Soul Care: Boundaries in Dysfunctional Relationships

A Self Guided Online Course Workbook Experience. Work alone, with Nikki, or the healer of your choice. 14 Crafted lessons and activities. 91 Actionable Self Care Tips. 

This is intuitive work, a healing experience to move through. People who recognize and struggle with dysfunctional family dynamics can open to this practical intelligence guide to learn how to feel centered and capable instead of exhausted and flailing. Not all dysfunction is brutal; much is subtle, even socially acceptable---from severe to nuanced, from families lacking love to abundant love---this Course Workbook experience will empower healing boundaries with love, simplicity, compassion, calm, and freedom. Make peace with triggers, let go of the self-sabotage of perfectionism, understand why family members thwart betterment efforts, how to manage expectations, grow communication strategies for conflict & people pleasing pitfalls. Might sound paradoxical for the heavy topic of family dysfunction--I've infused this course with joy, laughter, light, and love--it's time to start enjoying the healing journey, having fun with growth and change. Join the course now to have access for 3 full years, 3 cycles of holidays, celebrations, gatherings and course upgrades/revisions based on your feedback. $100--$25 off till 12/20/17 paid in full or $39/3 months payment plan. This is a new course offering, not to be offered at this beta price again. Hope to have your presence--healing ourselves heals a part of the world. Thank you all for your courage! Love and Light, Nikki

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Intuitive Soul Care: Affirmations to Grow

Affirmations, for free, yay! Affirm yourself! Affirmations fuel the journey. Coming Soon in January 2018. For individual work, with the healer of your choice, or as a lovey addition to support other Courses in this series. Use this simple workbook to infuse each day with real, modern language, applicable self talk for the struggles of High Sensitivity, Empaths, Healers, Seekers, Dreamers. Light and Love, Nikki

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Intuitive Soul Care: How to Detox & Re-tox Social Media & News

Technology is supposed to help our lives, spread knowledge and connection throughout the world, but what if it's hurting us?  Intuitive Soul Care takes dealing with the truth of things. Social Media, fake news, 24 hour news cycles, constant bombardment from technology and screens is taking a toll--causing a societal 'ADD.' With a plan and mindful discipline we can take our power back from this tech-y world! Detox, Re-tox, and Detox, again--intuitively--I'll show you how. Light and love, Nikki