May 2017

"You have helped me heal my wounds (old and fresh...). You have also helped me decode my own natural way of thinking and processing that's always existed in me, I just didn't know I had. You're a spiritual and emotional translator/interpreter. Like the folks that interpret with sign language but with our own individual paths and situations. Does that make sense?"

Our work included: The art of self care, healthy boundaries, creative parenting solutions, letting go, effective communication, intuition vs. anxiety, and faith.

May 2017

"You've greatly helped me to find solutions and see the good instead of being paralyzed from anxiety. You are a confidence builder, a teacher of healthy relationships, the calm inside the hurricane... Okay, that last one is a bit silly perhaps, but it's true!"

Our work included: The work of healthy boundaries, abuse recovery, intuition vs. anxiety, self love, compassionate healing, letting go.

December 2016

"I visited Ms. Eisenhauer to sort out the validity of a range of accusations made against me by my suddenly unhappy wife. At the outset, I could not reconcile the accusations with the vision I had of myself but was interested in saving the marriage and was likewise open to the possibility that my self-evaluation was badly flawed. In fact, I was very confused and somewhat depressed to think that I was an awful person, even if only in my wife’s eyes.

In our weekly sessions, Ms. Eisenhauer listened to my story intently and managed, without fail, to ask probing questions designed to open new perspectives about my behavior and relationships. Generally, those questions would give me pause and then, on further reflection and discussion, understanding. I came to see myself in new ways. Along with some companion reading, I also began to grasp the nature of my sensitivities and how to manage those to avoid triggering potentially offensive behavior. Unfortunately, my marriage was not saved but I was able to carry from those sessions a new behavioral skill set that serves me today in a new happy marriage.

Ms. Eisenhauer has an easy, informal, friendly demeanor that made the best use of our time and was always positive. She was, and is, wise beyond her chronological years in ways that she is able to use with great, thoughtful skill to help others in their times of trial."

Our work included: The work of compassion, understanding, compatibility, communication, letting go, self acceptance."