Hello and Hi,

I'm Nikki, a lifelong dreamer, seeker, and healer; you have found yourself HERE, so it's likely you've been on a seeking journey, too. Maybe we are a healing match? 

I believe a good life takes a lot of nuanced skill. Our educational system has failed to offer sufficient 'Adulting'. Flailing through life, barely keeping our heads above water, stressed to the max, disconnected, directionless and discombobulated IS NOT OK. Normal isn't the same as HEALTHY.

I believe life is a gift, an adventure, an exploration to find purpose, love(whatever that means to you) and fulfillment. My goal is to help you clear blockages, move past fear and excuses, gain understanding, learn the difference between anxiety and intuition, to love your imperfect self, let go of maladaptive patterns, play more, let go of stress and hold what is healthy.

When we know ourselves on a deeper level, we become empowered to become our own best advocates internally inside of our thoughts, in our bodies, in our relationships, with our priorities, so we can make knowledgeable and emotionally healthy decisions, over a lifetime in our external world.

Schedule an online session quickly and easily to book time with me. Have a life consultation session, discuss how coaching may be a good fit or not(and get referrals), find purpose, healing, or just open to the possibility of who and what you may become if you really figure out what you need(not the same as want) in this life and how to go after it, and get it.

If you've worked with me before, I trust you know how much I genuinely care. Hell YES I want an update from you--hearing how our past work shows up years later is an incredible gift. I might not remember your name right away, but your story is with me (I've worked with 35+ Jennifers for ex.) Share all life updates, and any press, lecture and workshop inquiries at hello@nikkieisenhauer.com Everyone else, schedule a session HERE

Be sweet to yourself. 

Sincerely in Light, 

Nikki Eisenhauer