The Lesson of Babies and Bananas

What happens when a baby tastes her 1st foods? Babies faces contort and scowl and they often spit out the food in apparent abhorrent disgust, their mouth, shocked and confused. Is this because mashed banana is bitter or sour or disgusting? No way! Banana is super sweet, but it is new, foreign, a big change. The baby has no ‘muscle memory’ so to speak-the nose is smelling a new smell, the mouth, tongue, palette and teeth, having to work together with a new texture, the throat has to figure out how to swallow this new gunk differently than milk, and internally the digestive system meets the banana with the same newness. In some ways, it’s just a bite of banana. In other ways it is the beginning of a relationship with food that will last a lifetime, and the food/diet/taste/digestive muscles are now engaged and growing. When it’s no longer new, when the parts of the body have ‘learned’ banana, baby is no longer scowling in disgust and confusion-baby smiles and dances with excitement upon seeing mom or dad peel the banana, and may even squeal in delight! 

What newness is happening in your life right now?  In what ways can you become more aware of the ‘1st time banana’ process within your whole body, mind, and spirit? How many times will you make yourself ‘taste’ before taking banana off the menu? If healthy discomfort due to newness and change is not pushed through, you will never experience the pure goodness, nutrituion, and joy of a beautiful ripe banana. We can learn to discern the difference between healthy discomfort and pain or toxicity. If you taste the banana and you have an allergic reaction, it is not a discomfort worth pushing through. Sometimes we learn we are allergic, or may have a gastrointestinal sensitivity, or that we truly are not a banana fan. But you can’t learn that without pushing through the 1st tastes. 

If this topic speaks to you, know your wise owl within can grow to learn the difference between healthy discomfort worth pushing through and unhealthy discomfort that is telling you to let go, walk away, stop, or change course. Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation grow these muscles. Explore here at WOW to learn more. Remember the lesson of babies and bananas on your journey. And don’t forget to enjoy the hidden wisdom and opportunity to laugh at your own ‘yuck face’ as you change, grow, and evolve.

Nikki EisenhauerComment